Residential Solutions


CARPET: At Premier Carpet & Flooring, you will see an exceptional selection of beautiful carpet to fit nearly every posibly scenerio, design idea and budget.

Select from budget friendly styles to exquisite styles of plush, berber and patterned carpets, as well as unique printed carpets. No matter the style or design you are after you are sure to find it at PREMIER. We offer a wide variety of carpets from famous brands like Mohawk, Lexmark, Phenix, Dream Weaver, Himalaya as well as specialty mills like Kane, Prestige, Missoni, Milliken, JMish and more. PREMIER also has one of the largest selections of quality 100% wool and even blened wool carpets for the ultimate in performance, style and earth friendly solutions in carpeting.

HARDWOOD: If your serious about a new hardwood floor you owe it to your self to visit PREMIER. We have the largest selection of doestic and exotic hardwood from all over the world. Brand names you have come to know and trust as well as specialty hardwoods that you just dont see everywhere. From traditional oaks and maples to stunning Brazilian Chestnut and French Pine, we are sure to have exactly what you want at a price you can trust. Visit PREMIER and you will see first hand that not only are we serious about hardwood with the selection we have, but also that we know everything there is to know about hardwood flooring including the methods of installation and what you can expect from your new floor. For hassle free, pressure free and friendly service and honest advice, make PREMIER your first choice.

WATERPROOF VINYL: Traditional vinyl flooring is a bit of a thing of the past and while it is still available you may consider the new and improved vinyl. Solid Vinyl luxury Tile (LVT) is both versitile and cost effective with all the features and performance you would expect from a floor. Whether you are updating the kitchen, a bath or need something in a high traffic living spaces that or 100% worry free, LVT is the best choice. PREMIER has an unprecedented selection of the best WOOD and TILE looks from the best manufactures that it is almost imposiible to not find what you are after. LVT is installed with limited prep and subfloor work and is hig performance, durable, easy to maintain and 100% waterproof so it is the perfect choice for areas where water may be an issue like the basement, porch, or laundry room. Over the past several years customers have chosen LVT even over real hardwood and tile because its cost savings, incredble realistic looks and high performance. It really is a revolutionay and proven floor for even the most demanding....of active families and design.

LAMINATE FLOORING: Still, after nearly 20 years of inginuity and advancements in laminate ,it is a great solution for those who need a great looking floor that will hold up in busy active homes. Priced on average, just a little more than a good carpet, it often makes sense to upgrade to a hard surface floor when hardwood or tile may not be in the budget. Laminates, as well as other hard surface flooring, has been proven to be a healthier choice in flooring... so when health is a concern or someone in your family has alergies or is just sensetive to textiles or dust....laminate is for you. PREMIER has a great selection of beautiful high performance lamainates from Mohawk, Berry, Quick-step, Sono and Angle. Visit PREMIER for your next upcoming project...we know Laminates.

AREA RUGS/CUSTOM AREA RUGS: We do offer area rugs in the traditional sense that your common sized area rugs like 6x9 and 9x12 are available. Select from traditional persian styles and modern designs in both hand-made and machine made rugs in both synthetic and 100% wool. That being said... we have discovered over the years searching for an area rug can be tedious and complicated with the need for many things to all come, pattern, color, size and of course...price. We have found making area rugs for our customers is much easier. You can select from nearly any carpet in the store including any one of the neraly 1000 patterned and printed carpets in over 20,000 colors and we will make you a rug in the exact size that you want. It is that simple and you may, thats going to be may be surprised. Often we are making rugs that are substantially less than many pre-made area rugs and in most cases the carpet selected is a better carpet as far as quality and will hold up and perform better. Visit PREMIER for assistance in seeing if a custom area rug is right for you.